Sun When You Want It, and Shade When You Need It!

we are dealers for five adjustable roof/pergola companies!

We specialize in adjustable shade, and believe your backyard should be your oasis, a place to relax and get away from the outside world. Maybe you want the ultimate backyard for your family, and to entertain guests, have huge parties, cook outside, or just relax in your pool or hot tub.

We Have a Passion for Backyards!

 Introducing SUNDANCE Louvered Roofs!

We believe it to be the BEST LR in the WORLD!

Sundance (by Rain Out) is a new to market product developed by louvered roofs experts with over a decade of experience who set out to create the best louvers in the world, and they have! Sundance has the best warranty in the industry, the best louver in the industry, and the best louver look and action in the industry! Sundance is on track to set a new standard in louvered roofs and we’re proud to assist!


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Contemporary Adjustable Roof Systems!

Want a roof system for your entertainment area like NO OTHER? My Amazing Yard is THRILLED to introduce SUNTECH to America! Designed for Residential and Commercial applications alike, the extensive Suntech product line will make your home or business location stand out against all other roof shelter systems in the entire USA! Suntech is a European company founded in 1976, and My Amazing Yard is thrilled to be one of their ONLY Dealers in the USA and market these amazingly affordable shade products!

 The Suntech Aerolux louvered pergola system opens & closes AND RETRACTS!

The Suntech Aerolux louvered pergola system opens & closes AND RETRACTS!


NO OTHER Company in AMERICA can offer you these Amazing products that are sleek, modern, and surprisingly AFFORDABLE! Every Suntech Model OPENS & CLOSES, giving you the flexibility of Sun or Shade whenever you need it!


South Florida’s Only Solara Louvered Roof Dealer


Want to have a swim in your pool, have a nice family barbecue, or just relax after a long day but it's JUST TOO HOT to enjoy your backyard? How many times have you had friends over for an outdoor party but RAIN forced the party inside? We have the solution! You need an ATTACHED or FREE STANDING Pergola with our Louvered Roof System over your grill, deck, pool or patio! Unlike canvas, plastic, or wood roofs; our SOLARA Aluminum Louvered Roofs can drop the temperature under the roof by 10-15 degrees!! Why, because Aluminum deflects the sun’s heat better than any other material! With our SOLARA Louvered Roof System, the possibilities are almost endless.

Miami-Dade Hurricane Engineered!





My Amazing Yard is thrilled to be the new South Florida Dealer for Mitjavila, a leading industrial company employing more than 500 people at over 12 locations around the world. Founded more than 45 years ago, Mitjavila is today the leading European producer (manufacturer) of awnings and solar protection products!

The oldest Louvered Roof company in the World, Mitjavila is based in France, but has manufacturing in Canada. Their USA office is in Orlando, so our customers only have to pay freight from Orlando!


Aluminum Pergolas Last Longer

If you like the look of our aluminum louvered pergolas but just can't justify the expense right now, you can have a Four Seasons aluminum pergola with lattice, or a Four Seasons Sunroom for much less. These Pergolas are made from the same aluminum materials used to build the louvered systems. This option allows you to enjoy the Pergola look and feel now, but have the option in the future to attach the louvered system on top of your Pergola for 100% sun and rain protection!



If adjustable shade and rain protection isn't as important to you, but you still want a Pergola to provide some shade and especially some cosmetic improvement to your outdoor living space....we have your solution! The My Amazing Yard Aluminum Pergola from Four Seasons provides the beauty and design you desire and the longevity of aluminum, all at a price you can afford.

Want a Pergola or Patio Roof That's Solid?

The Four Seasons Aluminum Patio Covers have a unique aluminum composition that offers comfort, peace of mind, and long lasting durability. Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional wood patio cover with little to no maintenance, complete weather and insect resistance, and unsurpassed durability. Because their patio covers are made from thicker aluminum than their competitors and a primer is baked on before paint is even applied, Four Seasons Aluminum Patio Covers are in our opinion, the best bang for your buck. With a Four Seasons Aluminum Patio Cover, rest assured that your investment will not only look great and add visual appeal to your home, but will also stand the test of time. Four Seasons is so confident in their aluminum patio covers that they offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of their products.

Four Seasons roofs are available as attached roof systems or free standing pergola systems. Optional Illumaview panels allow some light to shine through as well, but without direct sunlight.


Solar Screens Provide Shade From the Sides

Most people prefer to enjoy their patio in the afternoon or early evening. However unless your back porch faces east, you're probably roasting as the sun nears the horizon. Our solar shades are a perfect solution to sun, wind, side blowing rain, and even bugs. You can definitely find cheaper screens from other vendors, but no product matches the quality and innovative design of My Amazing Yard's Solar Screen product line from Sunesta.


Amazing Luxury Outdoor Kitchens

Florida residents love our backyards! Pools come number one, and full "outdoor kitchens" are number two and overtake the BBQ grill in South Florida! The indoor kitchen has moved towards outdoor living as a place to congregate and be social. Usually 5-6 nights a week it's just you and the kids doing the same ole thing. Luxury outdoor kitchens draw the family outside because all the amenities are their except A/C!


Custom Built Outdoor Kitchens

If you're in the market for a big outdoor kitchen but don't have $30,000 to spend? Look no further! My Amazing Yard can create any size ODK with custom built aluminum framed cabinets! Once we agree on the dimensions, appliances, and doors/drawers (all of which we provide)...then your cabinets are framed out by our supplier here in Florida, and delivered to your house and setup in a half day! 

Challenger Outdoor Kitchen Units

My Amazing Yard is also a Dealer for Challenger "Coastal" Series Preconfigured Collection of amazing Outdoor Kitchens that setup in an HOUR! While there are only three (3) Models to choose from, they meet the needs of most grilling enthusiasts on a budget, who still want something NICE for the PRICE! All Models come with a 32" Delta Heat grill!



To keep on making your yard AMAZING, you need Brick, Stone, or Rock Pavers to get around on! So many of our clients for SHADE kept asking if we did pavers, so we brought on an experienced paver crew! Many of our clients wanted to have one Contractor or Company to do business with for many of their backyard needs. Soon we'll upgrade our details page with various paver options like colors and patterns, and of coarse options in brick, stone, and cement. We're not the cheapest and we're way below cost of the big paver companies, and no job is too small or large for our Amazing Paver Crew!


Another Option for Sun and Shade


Our Flagship louvered roof system is truly incredible, but these less expensive options for retractable roofs can still solve your shade problem! Even with rain gutters (Sunplus). We carry four styles of unique retractable roof/awning systems that offer everything from basic sun protection up to complete rain and inclement weather protection. These systems can be standalone or mounted atop an existing structure such as a pergola, skylight or sun room. We also sell the best awning brand in the USA that is mounted the traditional way. These systems offer a choice of hundreds of fabrics ranging from acrylic to decorative solar screen and waterproof fabrics.







Who doesn't love a beautiful wood pergola? Wood is the most commonly built pergola type all over the world! Most people are aware that wood, no matter what type, requires more maintenance and upkeep. But if you are set on having a wood pergola, MY AMAZING YARD has talented carpenters who can build them. We DO NOT sell "kits". Everything is custom designed and built!

     If you ALREADY have a wood pergola, we can also attach Aluminum Louvers on the top to make protect you from the hot Florida sun as well as rain!

    If you ALREADY have a wood pergola, we can also attach Aluminum Louvers on the top to make protect you from the hot Florida sun as well as rain!

Click the button below to learn more about wooden pergolas...the options, designs, types of wood that can be used, and more!