Sun When You Want It, Shade When You NEED IT!

Now you can have AFFORDABLE protection from Florida’s hot SUN and frequent RAIN at the push of a button! Introducing our remote controlled, fully adjustable, aluminum louvered roof system.

Want to have a nice family barbecue or back yard party but it's just too HOT! Restaurant owners, are you losing patio money when it's too hot or raining? South Florida's famous flash rain storms can ruin things to! WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! Own one of the AMAZING Motorized Adjustable Louvered Roof systems from SOLARA that can be a free standing (Pergola) or an attached louvered roof to cover your grill, deck or patio. A small motor opens and closes the roof by remote control! (Also Miami-Dade Hurricane Engineered)


You can even angle the louvers so you’re still letting BBQ smoke out with only some sun in, or close the louvers completely so you can enjoy full shade and complete rain protection.  Unlike canvass or wood, your skin feels COOLER! Why? Because Aluminum REFLECTS the Sun’s Heat better than any other material! With our Aluminum Louvered Roof Systems, your possibilities are endless. My Amazing Yard is the Palm Beach Dealer for the Solara Adjustable Patio Cover!



Each and every one of our AFFORDABLE adjustable louvered roofs are custom designed and installed for each project. Most are simple but we love a design challenge! We can build any size louvered roof, even covering an Olympic swimming pool! We slightly tilt the louver's to force the water to run in whichever direction you want, and even have a gutter system option. We can do Commercial as well as anything Residential. Be the 1st home in your neighborhood to have the most Amazing remote controlled roof around! 


Unless you have a concrete slab to bolt to, footers are required. (avg $800 each)

Direct Funded 18 Month ZERO INTEREST Financing! Approval in minutes!

Direct Funded 18 Month ZERO INTEREST Financing! Approval in minutes!