Aluminum Pergolas in West Palm Beach, FL

If you like the look of our aluminum louvered pergolas but just can't justify the expense right now, for less than half the price you can have an aluminum pergola made from the same materials used to build the louvered systems. This option allows you to enjoy the Pergola look and feel now, but have the option in the future to attach the louvered system on top of your Pergola for 100% sun and rain protection!

Cardinal Aluminum of Louisville, Kentucky

Cardinal Aluminum has become the leader in extruded aluminum, as well as perfecting the application of powder coating. When you buy louvered roofs, kitchen modules, and aluminum pergolas from My Amazing Yard, you're buying American!

From their website:

"We are committed to quality and innovation. From our multi-axis CNC machines to our state of the art Powder Coat Line, you can be assured that we are constantly searching for new methods and technologies to add value to our products.

From our beginnings in 1946, Cardinal’s primary focus has been helping our customers succeed-and we’ve been doing it ever since.

You see, when you’re selecting an extruder of aluminum components, you should expect a lot more than just simple extrusions. You’ll get more done and feel more comfortable with a company who assures you of a long-lasting relationship, the highest quality production, just-in-time delivery, immediate customer response, and a full range of extruding, fabricating, machining, anodizing, powder coating, and finishing capabilities.

Simply put, you can depend on Cardinal for complete satisfaction every time.

We measure success by our contributions to the excellence of your products. That’s why we offer you all the tools-the capabilities you need and want-to design your products exactly the way you want them.

Since 1946, Cardinal Aluminum has operated under one simple guiding philosophy: we take total responsibility for the end product, from die to delivery. And that means total responsibility for everything we do-die design and construction, selection and approval of raw material and external processes, extrusion quality, fabricating tolerances, color fidelity and consistency, finishing processes, and packing. Everything."

Cost is a Huge Factor

Who in Florida doesn't want a shaded area in their backyard to enjoy their grill or pool or just playing with the kids?? Let me tell you it's everyone! But everyone has a different budget. The problem is, in Florida we have the strictest building codes so you can't get a permit for the $500 pergola kit from your local hardware superstore.

Our motorized Louvered Roof System is our Cadillac of roofs, and convertibles cost more than hardtops! But now that same supplier Cardinal, has designed an aluminum Pergola System in kits or custom made, that is still the base sub structure for the Louvered System. This allows you to Upgrade from the basic Pergola to Louvers in the future....OR NOT!

Example: A standard Decorative 12' X 14' Pergola would cost only $4,804 plus tax, freight, and installation.


Our standard Pergola is what we call the "Decorative model". This design has posts, beams, and rafters on top, spaced a foot or more apart.

Our "Shaded Model" has added slats attached to the rafter beams on the top. This provides much more shade than the standard decorative Pergola.

For a detailed quote please call or email us for more information