Deciding on Adding a Pergola?

Well it's about time I wrote on my Blog! This is Derrick Alexander from My Amazing Yard...and I see and talk to many people who are kicking the idea around to improve their backyard! Maily with a "roof structure" of some sort. Is their hot button "Shade", is it "Rain Protection", or is it just a "Tranquil Place to create a focus point"? How bad do you want it, and what;s it worth to you?

Many people have no idea what it really costs to add a roofed structure to their back yard. We're in Florida, and in the hurricane state you can't just run down to Home Depot and buy a Pergola Kit and put it together like a swing set! Yes they sell them, and yes people put them up, but are they permitted or even SAFE?

Here in Palm Beach County we see building requirements for hurricane protection. Concrete footers that are nearly 4 feet square! Attachment requirements that don't apply nationwide.

ATTACHED roofs are cheaper namely because less concrete footers are required! Each footer is about $750 finished out, so imagine two is better than four! Attached means that half of the roof system will be attached to your house.

FREE STANDING Pergolas, Tiki Huts and Gazebos require even more "security"! Four, six, or eight footers can be expensive. Most of it depends on where you live in relation to the coast.

WOOD VS METAL? Wood is certainly cheaper in materials cost, but the labor to work with wood almost makes the savings unnoticeable. Aluminum is what most non-wood roof systems are built from. The materials cost is less but the hours needed to install the system are significantly less than its wood counterpart.

POST SPAN is the distance between the posts. The usual maximum is about 18 feet. So if you want a 24 foot X 12 foot Pergola, just know you will need 6 Posts!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more to come!