Wood Pergola building requires skill. We do a lot more than the average DIY kits. Besides, some of  those flimsy kits shouldn't even be sold in Florida with our varying winds. My Amazing Yard can design and sell you a beautiful wooden pergola, with installers who are carpenters working under a Licensed Contractor who we partner with on projects to help our customers.

A Pergola is a significant investment that usually adds value to your property, and stronger appeal to your courtyard area for your family, friends, and future buyers!

We will help you have the greatest wooden pergola but we DO NOT INSTALL KITS.

Western Red Cedar is the best wood to use because of a variety of reasons. It is naturally resistant to insect damage and decay, plus it weathers naturally so it does not require a lot of maintenance if you desire. It is easy to work with and looks great. Make sure you are getting Old Growth Western Red Cedar as it will not split, crack or twist like younger boards can.


Pergola Wood Comparison: What's the difference between a Pressure Treated Pine and Rough Sawn Cedar Pergola?

Western Red Cedar is a beautiful light amber color. It has a wonderfully appealing fragrance that adds another dimension to its qualities. Western red cedar is also highly resistant to decay, which makes it great for outdoor use. It is lightweight with close, even grain. It is easily worked and can be finished smooth with little effort. Western red cedar takes paints and stains very well. With western red cedar, paint or stain can be applied as soon as you receive the pergola kit. Western red cedar is used in situations where exposure to the elements is continually severe.

Pressure Treated Pine is also very insect and rot repellant, and able to withstand severe elements, but has chemicals added to give it those properties. Pressure treated pine comes with a green appearance. As it dries it will turn to a golden brown, then gray if it is not water sealed or stained. You will need to wait a few months before staining or painting the pine lumber since it will be saturated with the pressure treatment when you get it.


Teak (Tectona grandis) is a hardwood renowned for its elegance, durability, and longevity even under severe climate conditions. Teak, famous in boating for decades, is becoming the most widely used outdoor wood in the U.S. and Canada. It’s a good economic choice for outdoor furniture or structures you want to last. It has some maintenance issues, but it is reasonably priced and well distributed.

Teak sold in the U.S. and Canada is 99% plantation grown. Teak is marketed as a “sustainably harvested” alternative to exotic woods taken from rain forests.

Redwood was the outdoor wood of choice for most of the 20th century. Like teak, it is a beautiful wood with an excellent reputation for outdoor durability. It was available nationwide and used for anything outdoors until the early 1990s. But, the Redwood forests were over logged and in the 1990s, lumber production collapsed to 1/3rd the levels of prior decades. It has not recovered and will not unless major changes are implemented in the way the privately owned forests are harvested.



All Florida engineering requires concrete footers at least 3,000 to 5,000 lb strength. The smallest dimensions may be 24" square but the average is 36"x36"x36"! We've even seen 42" square footers. To do this requires hand digging holes big enough for 6 to 8 people! Then a wooden box is built to hold the concrete, with a rebar cage inside the concrete. SEE FOOTERS

Average Wood Pergola $9-$12,000

and can exceed 20-30k! If your main reason to purchase a wood pergola is because you think they are cheaper, but there are disadvantages that tip the scale for some.

  1. Labor is more expensive, requiring more man hours
  2. They are nice to have, but very common.
  3. Shade maximum is about 60% to 80% depending on the spacing of the Lattice on the top layer.
  4. No rain protection at all, without putting more money into a rain roof too.
  5. All wood requires upkeep. No matter what type of wood you have, in Florida it will need maintenance every 6 months. A good pressure washing, staining and sealing each screw and nail hole, and new clear coat and/or stain is applied. Sounds easy enough but unfortunately most people let years pass and eventually it's too late.

A classic wood pergola provides a sense of shelter with its false roof, but has proven to be tranquil space for millions of humans for thousands of years.

      Direct Funded 15 Month ZERO INTEREST     Financing! Approval in minutes!

    Direct Funded 15 Month ZERO INTEREST Financing! Approval in minutes!